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The sacred path began early in life for me. I knew as a young child that I was meant to be a healer and teacher. I have always been highly sensitive to energy, deeply compassionate and called to service. The yogic path began for me at fourteen. I had suffered a pretty significant injury, and stumbled into a yoga class because I had a vague sense it would be good for my ailing back. I was the youngest in the class by far, and I will never forget the deep feeling of connection to my body, my heart and the world that I experienced at that very first session. Since that moment I was hooked. My relationship to yoga evolves and changes every day and with every personal practice, and class I teach. I have personally experienced and witnessed the life changing effects of this practice. 

I love to work with people to help them become more connected to and aware of their bodies’ innate wisdom, healing abilities and potential. I found my way to yoga as a young teen ago to help with a serious physical condition, and I continue to be amazed and humbled by what is discovered on the mat. I have been teaching for many years and have studied many forms of yoga including Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kripalu and Integral, as well as Pilates, the Andrei Droznin method, and the Michael Chekhov Technique.  

Energy Work

I am also a Reiki Master-Teacher, musician, and energy worker.  My private sessions range from yoga to Intuitive Energy Medicine, or a combination of the two.

Michael Chekhov Based Performance Coaching

We'll work to build strength and confidence: opening bodies and hearts with compassion and gratitude, working at letting go of goals and expectations, and discovering peace.  

Private Session rate $85/hour at Yoga Parkside

Outcall rate $100/hour 

I also love to work with families and couples. 

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